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Federal election 2016

Yingiya Mark Guyula Independent

Yingiya Mark Guyula Independent - 2 July 2016

Crikey - LOTEs in the Election: your guide to linguistically-talented candidates (2016 edition) - 1 July 2016
... Yingiya Mark Guyula (Independent; Lingiari, NT) speaks Yolŋu Matha and works as a consultant in the Yolŋu Aboriginal Consultants Initiative at Charles Darwin University. Here he is speaking in Yolŋu Matha in 2009 about the NT Intervention. ...

Ruralweekly - How will Greens influence Red Centre this Federal Election? - 27 June 2016
Labor ranks fourth on the Green’s how-to-vote guide, with independents at positions two (Yingiya Mark Guyula) and three (Braedon Early).

IndigenousX - Yingiya Mark Guyula. Why I am Running in the Northern Territory Elections. - 26 April 2016
Yow, NT elections are on this year in August 2016. Yolŋu from Arnhem Land have electorate areas: Arafura, Arnhem and Nhulunbuy. Since the first NT legislative council in 1947, we Yolŋu have been voting for ALP and CLP politicians to speak on our behalf, but their policy is governed according to the Monarch of the Commonwealth of England, created by a King 800 years ago, or more. That’s why our voices through politicians, (both Yolŋu and Balanda) have never been listened to, because that law is not ours. It operates according to the (foreign) Westminster system of law....


Media coverage


Radio Adelaide - YINGIYA MARK GUYULA – 10 April 2016
Sue Gilbey went along to the Pilgrim Church to hear Yingiya Mark Guyula talking about his bid for a seat in the NT Election 2016. This is some excerpts from that speech and session, introduced by Dean Whittaker and welcome to country by Stephen Goldsmith.

Player FM - Yingiya Mark Guyula – April 10th

April 2016 - Port Phillip Citizens for Reconciliation
Yingiya Mark Guyula, a senior Yolŋu Elder and Djirrikaymirr (highly respected leader), spoke in Melbourne and Sydney last month about the urgent need for ...

South Sydney Herald - Treaty – the way forward - 7 April 2016
...Yolngu Nations Assembly spokesperson Yingiya Mark Guyula also emphasised the continuity of colonialism in Australia, particularly given the abuses of Indigenous rights that have occurred under the Northern Territory Intervention. He contrasted the destructive impacts of Western law with the effectiveness of Indigenous customary law systems, indicting a process of colonisation that “must be halted”. He gave examples of high suicide rates, domestic violence and poor health outcomes as impacts of colonisation requiring redress through a treaty. ...

South Sydney Uniting Church - Homily - Palm Sunday, Year C
South Sydney Uniting Church - 20 March 2016
...Yolngu Nations Assembly spokesperson Yingiya Mark Guyula said: “Blacks are sovereign, not conquered, and subject to black law. We have declared a free Arnhem state within Australia, free from colonialism.”
He showed footage of the “freedom” ceremony and said: “This is Black law in action via ceremony, whereas white law is simply paper. With the Intervention, Black law has been pushed aside, and now we have an increase in suicide, self harm, domestic violence and malnutrition.”
If he were to keep silent, the very stones would cry out!
The prospect of a Treaty (by way of a national collective and local voices) promises an honourable future for an Australian republic. Admitting atrocities, past and present, is one crucial prerequisite; as is acknowledgement of Aboriginal cynicism, hurt, fierce resistance, determination and sovereignty. ...

GLW - Independent candidate wants bilingual education, services and a treaty - 18 March 2016
Yingiya Mark Guyula, a spokesperson for the Yolngu Nations Assembly, will stand as an independent candidate for the seat of Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory elections in August. ...

BuzzFeed News - Indigenous Leaders Say They’re Sick Of Being “Experimented On” - 17 March 2016
Yingiya Guyula, a senior Yolngu elder from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, has called for a greater focus on a treaty between Indigenous people and the federal government, dismissing constitutional recognition as a toothless tiger. ...

Junkee - Charlie Pickering And Adam Briggs Poke Holes In The “Need” For Constitutional Recognition On ‘The Weekly’ - 17 March 2016
... Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been fighting for treaty and sovereignty rights for decades — earlier this week, Liya-dhälinymirr Djambarrpuyngu man Yingiya Mark Guyula started a national tour to raise awareness of the need for Aboriginal Australia to be given sovereignty and the legal means to negotiate terms for themselves. ...

UCA - To Treaty and beyond - 16 March 2016
The Yolŋu people of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory have begun a new push for a treaty with the Federal Government that recognises their sovereignty in their land. ....

NITV - Redfern forum: 'Treaty framework achievable within next few years' - 15 March 2016
Over one-hundred people attend a landmark meeting to discuss a way forward for treaty in the next few years....
Yingiya Mark Guyula is currently running on a treaty platform in the upcoming Northern Territory election in the seat of Nhulunbuy. He gave a powerful speech about the need for self-determination for the Yolngu people, which he believes has been eroded by government policies like the Northern Territory intervention.
"Since the intervention was introduced ... our system of law is being pushed aside" he said.
"We are being left to become dependent and accept the priorities of the outsiders."
"Since the interventions we have experienced the highest rates of suicide ... our people are locked up at a rate of six times those of black men in South Africa."
He believes a treaty will resolve many of the problems in the Northern Territory.
“It is self determination and self government, or poverty, exile and death ... we need treaty", he said. ...

Geelong Inter Church Social Justice Network Inc - Nhulunbuy Independent Candidate Yingiya Mark Guyula Calls for Treaty with Indigenous People - 14 March 2016
Nhulunbuy independent candidate Yingiya Mark Guyula, who last week in Geelong launched the book “The Intervention: an Anthology” is calling for a treaty with Indigenous people of Arnhem Land....

Newmatilda - Treaty Yeah! Momentum Grows For National Agreements - 13 March 2016
There’s a growing push among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for Treaty. Liam McLoughlin reports.
“Everything the government is doing is disempowering us, it’s taking our thinking away, to make up our own minds and decide for our own the lifestyle that we want to live… Treaty is the only way that we can negotiate and accept one another… we must sit down together and negotiate and recognise both laws. You recognise my law and I recognise your law and we work together towards the future of my children.”
These are the words of Yingiya Mark Guyula, a Yolngu Nations Assembly spokesperson who lives in Arnhem Land under the Northern Territory Intervention. Yingiya has made Treaty the central plank in his campaign for the seat of Nhulunbuy at the upcoming Northern Territory election ...


Verdrag druk moeten vervangen door Inheemse Herkennen campagne, zegt Yolngu leider
Nieuws??? - Vrijdag 11 Maart 2016 04.19 GMT
Yingiya Mark Guyula wil grondwettelijke erkenning campagne middelen om te worden omgeleid naar het overtuigen van de Australiërs over het belang van verdragen
Yingiya Mark Guyula va