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Time To Talk Treaties

Treaty Messages by 'concerned Australians'



16 March 2015

A United Nations Committee in 2010 recommended that Australia “...consider the negotiation of a treaty agreement to build a constructive and sustained relationship with Indigenous Peoples.”

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination CERD, Concluding Observations, August 2010.

Time to talk Treaties!


9 March 15

In the year 2000, The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR) identified a Treaty was the unfinished business of the reconciliation process and recommended:

“that the Commonwealth Parliament enact legislation . . . to put in place a process which will unite all Australians by way of an agreement, or treaty, through which unresolved issues of reconciliation can be resolved.” 

Time to Talk Treaties.

1 March 15

Aboriginal Peoples all know that this land belongs to them. The land was never ceded nor has any government ever attempted to seek a settlement or treaty with its owners.

It is time to talk Treaties!



22 Feb 15

"Australia is the only Commonwealth country that never signed an official treaty with its Indigenous peoples."
Sir William Deane, Australian  Governor-General (1996–2001), at Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture (August 1996)

Time to talk Treaties!


16 Feb 15

Aboriginal Peoples of Australia have been waiting more than 200 years for Treaties.

Time to talk Treaties!


9 Feb 15

Treaties and Constitutional Recognition are both important issues. They are independent of each other. There is no particular order in which these important changes should be made.

"Canada has its centuries-old treaties, and more modern treaties today, and more recently, constitutional recognition of Aboriginal Canadians in the life and history of that nation." Mick Dodson, July 2007.