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Yingiya Mark Guyula

(Ṉäkarrma Djuwarr'miny),
Djambarrpuyŋu Nation, Yolŋu Nations Assembly Spokesperson
“We want treaty. We want a partnership. We want a dialogue in decision-making. We want diplomatic talks with the government - the Yolŋu government and the Balanda [non-Indigenous] government.”
Yingiya is an Indigenous man from the Yolŋu people group, Djambarrpuyŋu nation and the Liya-dhalinymirr tribe. He is an Indigenous language interpreter and experienced cross-cultural educator, recently working with Charles Darwin University as a senior lecturer inYolŋu studies. Yingiya is also a highly skilled social organiser and unifier demonstrated in his more recent position as an East Arnhem Support Worker with the Northern Regional Council of Congress (the Indigenous presbytery of the Uniting Church Northern Synod) and in his role as a Yolŋu Nations Assembly spokesperson. Yingiya first trained in aircraft maintenance and was the first Yolngu person to get his pilot licence.
Yingiya has the title of Djirrikaymirr-judge amongst his people. This makes him an authority of the Yolŋu traditional system of law, called Maḏayin. His tribe is also one of a number of groups responsible for oversight of the Indigenous central governance institution of Ŋärra’ (a sort of parliament). This is where Yingiya’s passion lies. Maḏayin law and the Ŋärra’ institution has maintained peace, justice, and harmony in Arnhem Land for millennia, yet today ongoing colonialism is overriding and destabilising Yolŋu society. There are bright spots of personal relationship but everyday the gap grows between Yingiya’s people and Australia.
Without a treaty to join the two peoples together, we can’t truly work together nor can we build each other up!

The Yolŋu Nations Assembly (YNA) endorsed Yingiya Mark Guyula as their representative to run as an Independent candidate in the upcoming Northern Territory elections (27 August 2016). Yingiya is running on Treaty in a majority First Nations electorate in Arnhem Land.
The "Intervention" and the "Stronger Futures" is a two-part poisonous substance that is being injected into our knowledge systems by white man politics, their system of law have dehumanized us and left our senior elders powerless and hopeless. They are deliberately putting a curse into the major hub communities where you will find 15 or more Yolŋu living in 3 bedroom houses and the health hazard is far beyond anyone's imaginations. There is no JUSTICE in this White man LAW. It is ignoring Yolŋu LORE [and LAW], and they are not letting us be part of the dialogue, because they are not letting us think for ourselves.
Wäwa ga yapa it's time to stand up and call for our freedom. The Australian Government will not accept our law unless we as Yolŋu get together and shout "TREATY NOW". Then our friends and fellow Australians, and the rest of the world will hear our "cry for freedom" and will join with us in the shout for TREATY. We as Yolŋu need to make that decision first, and must do it now. As a spokesperson for
the Yolŋu Nations Assembly I urge all leaders of other Yolŋu organizations to stand with us and call for diplomatic talks with the Australian Government, because that thing called "CLOSING THE GAP" is getting wider and wider, and what they are doing is against our will.





DARWIN - Monday 7 March 2016 - 7:30pm

Treaty Awareness and NT Election Fundraiser
Nightcliff Uniting Church, 21 Cummins Street, Rapid Creek NT

ADELAIDE - Wednesday 9 March 2016 - 7pm

Treaty Awareness and NT Election Fundraiser
Pilgrim Church Hall, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA
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Treaty Awareness

Bringing Treaty Forward

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GEELONG - Friday 11 March 2016 - 2pm

The Intervention: an Anthology’ Book Launch
Wesley Centre, 100 Yarra Street, Geelong VIC

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Treaty awareness & fundraising forum

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MELBOURNE - Saturday 12 March 2016 - 2pm

Treaty Awareness and NT Election Fundraiser
Wesley Uniting Church Upper School Hall, 148 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC

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Quest for Treaty: Yingiya’s Bid for Parliament

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SYDNEY - Monday 14 March 2016 - 6.30pm


STICS Public Forum

“Men speak out for Treaty”

Yingiya Mark Guyula spoke at the Redfern Community Centre

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For Yingiya's speech at the Treaty Forum 14.3.16: please click here

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SYDNEY - Tuesday 15 March 2016 - 6pm

YINGIYA MARK GUYULA spoke at the Trades Hall Auditorium


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Northern Territory 2016 Election

 Yingiya Mark Guyula Election Poster in Yolngu Matha

Interview with Yingiya Mark Guyula by Yolngu Radio in Yolŋu Matha:
Promo (2 minutes)
Full Interview (10 minutes)

 How to vote for Yingiya Mark Guyula


Nhulunbuy updates:

ABC: Electorate: Nhulunbuy
...Guyula is a spokesperson for the Yolngu Nations Assembly. He contested Lingiari at the Federal election in July, polling 4.3% across the Territory and as much as 25% in some of the local remote polling booths. Has campaigned to go beyond a change to the constitution and instead to negotiate a treaty with indigenous Australians. ...

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