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The Freedom Summit was held at the Old Bungalow, Mparntwe (Alice Springs, NT) on 27 and 28 November 2014

Communiqué from The Freedom Summit

... We gathered at The Freedom Summit to respond to the extreme assaults from all levels of government hitting our communities including but not limited to:

    - historic and growing rates of incarceration;
    - continuing Stolen Generations;
    - a suicide epidemic and;
    - the growing death rate from preventable diseases.

In addition, governments have shamefully announced intentions to close down communities in Western Australia and South Australia. Oombulgurri in WA has already been bulldozed – this is an act of aggression in an open genocidal process, on top of the continuing apartheid and land clearances through the Northern Territory Intervention.

Organisations across the continent are having funding slashed. Heritage laws are being attacked and our culture is being owned by white government Ministers.

A new land grab is happening through mining tenements and operations. This is a direct attack on Land Rights across this country. ...

For the Full Communiqué: please click here

Convoys are leaving from around the country and heading to Canberra for the Freedom Movement’s Sit-In outside Federal Parliament. They will first gather at ​the ​Old Tent Embassy. Several major lead-in Forums are held in different cities prior to the Canberra Sit-In.

Sydney Forum
Sunday, 18 January – 3pm at The Block
Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Appeal to come down to Canberra

National Freedom Movement - Sydney Forum on Vimeo.


Speeches from the Sydney Forum

1. Aunty Jenny

National Freedom Movement - Sydney Forum: Aunty Jenny on Vimeo.

2. Jeff McMullen

National Freedom Movement - Sydney Forum: Jeff McMullen on Vimeo.


3. Gerry Georgatos

National Freedom Movement - Sydney Forum: Gerry Georgatos on Vimeo.

4. Ken Canning

National Freedom Movement - Sydney Forum: Ken Canning on Vimeo.

5. Uncle Ben

National Freedom Movement - Sydney Forum: Uncle Ben on Vimeo.

6. Felon Mason

National Freedom Movement - Sydney Forum: Felon Mason on Vimeo.



 Media Coverage


News Articles

Koori Mail - 'Stop trying to control our people' - 28 January 2015
... Ms Kunoth-Monks is also a spokesperson for the Freedom Summit, which last week gathered in Canberra for three days of networking and peaceful talks about issues of concern for First Nations people.
“I believe there is a momentum building,” she said.
“I feel it, not only with First Nations people, but also amongst our brothers and sisters of different colours. It is not colour that counts, it is the policies of this Government that are repressive and the fact they feel they are in control of a section of humanity in this land. ...
For the full article as pdf: please click here

Audio clips

National Indigenous Radio Service - Jenny Munro urges mob to attend Parliament House protest - 20 January 2015
Wiradjuri social justice stalwart Jenny Munro says a sit-in protest at Parliament House in Canberra next week will remain in place until Aboriginal rights are back on the national agenda.

National Indigenous Radio Service - McMullen: Hopes for land rights fading in Australia - 20 January 2015
Social justice advocate and former journalist Jeff McMullen says he fears land rights is a fading memory in Australia.