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Festival for the Kimberley
- postponed to 8 March -

Martin Place, Sydney CBD.
WHEN: Friday 8 March
, 2013 - 7am - 7pm

Festival for the Kimberley- October 25, 2012

Calling all Sydneysiders: This is your chance join us for a fun-filled day to bring the stunning beauty of the Kimberley region to Sydney.

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"Many of the artists appearing at Festival for the Kimberley are of Indigenous extraction from around the Asia-Pacific, including Arnhemland, Aceh and Fiji, and all are concerned with preserving the environment and Indigenous heritage."

12:10pm - Video clips about the Kimberley, includes Albert Wiggan

12:20pm - Music by Pasko - Gondwana pianist and singer

12:45pm - Guest speaker: Glen Klatovsky, National Kimberley campaigner for the Wilderness Society.
"The Kimberley faces an historic moment. Will it retain its unique social and environmental heritage, or will it become another industrial zone? Some of the key decision makers reside in Sydney’s CBD. Today is a first step in telling this extraordinary story to the people of our largest and most powerful city."

2pm - 'Lurujarri Dreaming' documentary - Sydney Sneak Preview
This collaborative documentary will be a vehicle for the Goolarabooloo people to share their culture, history and vision for reconciliation with a wide national and international audience via broadcast, film festivals and online platforms. The Goolarabooloo are currently threatened by the prospect of a massive LNG refinery on their land, which threatens their sacred Songline, the Lurujarri Heritage Trail and their ability to carry out traditional cultural practices. The soundtrack will be composed by the renowned Deadly Award winning Broome indigenous musicians- the Pigram Brothers....

"'Lurujarri Dreaming', a 26 minute educational animated documentary- outlines the Goolarabooloo tribe’s recent history and rich cultural connection to country, using the nine day Lurujarri Heritage Trail as it’s main structural thread. The main narrator, a young Goolarabooloo tracker named Brian Councillor, guides the viewer along the Lurujarri Heritage Trail, introducing people and places."

Reverend Ray Minniecon

"It is important that all Australians take seriously the responsibility in protecting the Kimberley. As Aboriginal people have always known, once the environment is destroyed, it is gone forever. We are placing a very heavy burden upon our children and grandchildren to repair our mistakes with our environment, which is unwarranted and unnecessary."

WGAR Background to the Walmadan Tent Embassy, WA:
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